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With warm breezes and sandy beaches with clear blue water, Great Exuma presents the perfect vacation spot without the hassle of being a tourist trap. Washington Post ranked Great Exuma as one of the "10 most desirable international locations," with some of the best nightlife in the southern Bahamas. Located in the Tropic of Cancer, the climate of this cay remains sunny and warm most days, with cooling breezes to prevent it getting too hot. Yachters and sailors find a paradise here, with the many unexplored beaches and coves.

Most of the residents live in George Town, a cosmopolitan and hub for all activity. Party the night away in the nightclubs and sample the unique Bahamian cuisine, such as conch, turtle, coconut water, and foods that attract boaters from all over town. A special program, "People to People," matches native Bahamians to visitors. These residents host guests and help them obtain the best possible vacation by showing them around and sharing their culture. Become one of the locals and feel right at home in this friendly environment.

For a little glamour and glitz, stay at one of the luxurious resorts and enjoy the health spas and golf course. Many hotels face a mile-long strip of beach, so guests wake up each morning and greet the day with a dip in the ocean. Or, rent a villa near the water for a nice, secluded holiday with great scenery. Even celebrities, like Johnny Depp, have chosen to vacation on this island for the perfect getaway.

Hike to Mt. Thompson and get an amazing view of the Three Sisters Rocks, a formation that juts out offshore. If lucky, you might catch sight of one of Great Exuma's shy peacocks. Years ago, a man named Shorty Johnson brought a peacock and peahen couple to the island as pets, but abandoned them when he left for Nassau. Today, their brightly-plumed descendents roam through the foliage, peaking out every now and then to greet visitors. About 20 miles north, visit the historical town of Rollesville, where ancient slaves' quarters have been remade into cottages for rent and the tavern serves fresh seafood.

For sailors and yachters, many facilities rent houseboats out. At 35 feet long, these boats all contain a waterslide that descends from the top deck. Enjoy the sapphire splendor that surrounds you and bask in the cool tradewinds. Fish, dive, collect shells, and swim in the warm waters all from the comfort of your own floating hotel!

Repose and adventure await you each day. Whether you enjoy biking or walking, numerous spots of undiscovered beauty await. Stroll amongst the flora and fauna, explore the moss-covered caves, and enjoy the fresh seafood while mingling with the locals, all without the noise and crowds of the bigger cities.

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